water pivot on a green wheat field

Wride Farms - irrigation pivot on a green wheat field 

Wride Farms - Camby and her dad during wheat harvest

My name is Camby and I grew up on a wheat and sugar beet farm in South Eastern Idaho.  My childhood was right out of a 50's magazine, Mom cooked 3 meals a day and Dad came in from working the fields to participate in those meals with the family.  Bread was always on the table and was always homemade.  My Mom baked all sorts of great breads and fun treats.  From a young age I grew up helping my Mom bake in the Kitchen.  

When I married my sweetheart in 2000 I wanted to carry on the same great traditions in my own home.  Baking was still a passion and I carried on the mantel of wife and motherhood learned from my Mom.  I found Baking to be a stress reliever.  My husband could tell when I was stressed because he would come home to kitchen full of baked goods.  He never complained about that quirk of mine!  

Many friends begged and encouraged me to open a bakery.  My husband and I talked about it for a long time and finally decided to give it a shot, however with just a little twist.  Instead of having a store front and waiting for everyone to come to us, we decided to deliver thus bringing the freshest breads possible straight to your kitchen table.